Some Spelling Rules – IELTS Test

Some Spelling Rules


Many students ignore the role of spellings in English as they think in today’s technological era the spell correction apps have eliminated the need to remember the spellings.

However, in IELTS wrong spellings can cost you a lot as while writing spellings in Listening and Reading test if you write incorrect spelling you lose the score. Students find it difficult to remember some confusing spellings. Here are some rules that you can learn to improve your spellings.


Usage of i before e

  • The rule says to use i before e in a word (e.g.  believe, field) but if there is c before i and e then use e before i (e.g. receive, conceit)
  • When a word is pronounced as aye instead of ‘e’ sound, usually it is written as ei (g. veil, their, neighbor etc.)

N.B.  There are some exceptions to these spelling rules .


Common exceptions: efficient, sufficient, weird, height, either, neither, ancient, caffeine, foreign, seize, leisure,  counterfeit, forfeit, science, species.


Usage of  -ance and –ence at the end of the word.

  • When changing a verb into noun that ends with y, -ure-ear or –ateuse –ance

(e.g. appear-appearance, perform-performance)

  • When changing an adjective into noun then use –ence

(e.g. silent- silence, competent- competence).


Spelling Rules


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